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Written on 30/11/2011, 05:41 by admin
October , 2012 –BGL adds a Virtual PMO to their suite of services offered clients An exclusive offering, the Virtual PMO allows clients to hire...

Can I afford to work with BGL Group?

BGL Group provides valuable services at very competitive rates. Our rates are comparable to that of a permanent employee without the risks of hiring. We often provide resources at a lower rate than many of the large consulting firms.

Our systems are unique to our company. Can BGL help?

We are specialists in Information Technology. We specifically contract individuals that seek challenging projects and easily adapt to any situation. BGL can provide you with these highly sought-after resources.

If we really like a BGL sub-contractor, can we hire them as a full-time employee?

After a reasonable period of time (as specified in our contract with you), we allow our clients to hire our resources if both parties are interested in such an arrangement.

How can I be sure I'm getting skilled resources from BGL Group?

Our exceptional network of IT talent helps us ensure our consultants' skills are custom matched to your specific job requirements.

What types of contract services does BGL provide?

Our consultants' skill sets cover a wide range, from implementation of new technologies to application development to providing support during times of peak workloads. Our contract services will provide you with skills that may not be readily available within your company, therefore providing you with the expertise required.