Staff Augmentation

BGL Group can provide you with highly skilled, experienced IT resources that are available on a contractual basis at competitive rates. Our extensive network ranges from recent graduates to senior IT professionals. We work on numerous technical platforms and have affiliations with both IBM and a Microsoft business partner.

Our IT contract resource service gives your company the flexibility to staff up or down when needed, allowing you to resolve problems promptly or take advantage of business opportunities. When your task or project is complete that resource is no longer on your payroll, thus giving your company the flexibility of increasing productivity without increasing fixed costs.

This alternative to full-time permanent staffing allows you to temporarily increase your skill set without any cost or retention concerns. For example, your company may require a Java developer periodically but is unable to rationalize having a permanent employee with that particular skill set.

However, if your staffing needs require you to add full-time permanent employees, we are happy to help you find the right person.