Consulting Services

BGL Group will provide you with an efficient and industry best practice approach to deploying your fully integrated business solution. Our approach focuses on:

  • Project Management – Infrastructure, development or process implementation..
  • Understand Current Environment – The purpose of this phase is to review the current business and organization environment, document customer requirements at a high level, and prepare a strategy that takes into account specific solution roll out issues.
  • Understand Future Environment – The purpose of this phase is to develop a list of high level target business capabilities, determine measurements for these target capabilities, and develop target process flows with associated measurements and capabilities of the solution.
  • Blueprinting and Configuration – This phase documents the business processes in your company that you want to implement in the system. This will document all the configuration rules required to match how you want the system to process transactions.
  • Testing and Validation – Fully test and validate that the configure systems functions as designed and documented in the previous phases.
  • Implementation and Support – Deployment of the solution and support for all users.