Success Stories

Phoenix Interactive Design Inc.

Phoenix Interactive Design is a leader in the design and production of interactive, multimedia self-service systems for financial institutions and the self-service industry.

Through several periods of high growth, Phoenix chose BGL to provide supplemental resources in project management, architecture, design, program development and testing. BGL assisted in the development of the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) software that is currently operating in major financial institutions around the world. We are proud of the relationship we have established and continue to supply Phoenix with highly skilled resources on demand.

Share Dent Inc.

ShareDent is a Dental Buying Group that pools orders to create purchasing power for its partners.

BGL was contracted during ShareDent’s start-up phase to fully understand their business requirements and design an innovative technology solution to manage their core business functions. Using Java, IBM WebSphere and DB2 technology, BGL delivered a powerful system which incorporates a transactional web application and hand-held technology.

Stratford Festival of Canada

Located in Stratford, Ontario, the Stratford Festival is the largest classical repertory theatre in North America.

Over an eighteen month period, a team consisting of BGL Group, Stratford Festival and Tessitura personnel, led by a BGL partner, successfully integrated Tessitura, a purchased software system, into the Festival’s operations. A first in Canada, this system replaced the Festival’s existing ticketing, fundraising, and customer relationship management software. It enhances customer service and provides improved reporting and sales tracking information.

The team developed custom software to facilitate data conversion, integrated the new software with the Festival’s website, constructed numerous reports, developed an accommodations booking system to integrate with Tessitura and tested the Canadianization of the software.